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This is the home page of our digital classroom website. Welcome to our digital marketing educational website where we explain what this classroom is for and why it is important to develop digital marketing skills in the 21st Century digital economy.

Striving For Excellence

Digital Marketing Education.

Implementation of the general online education by the Ministry of Education is done to promote all high schools’ progress towards online education provision, to promote teaching reform in the digital era, and to strengthen teaching management. Additionally, courses are designed to implement digital education programs to reduce the burden on students with classroom study fatigue and the full implementation of a quality education. Training student interest in digital marketing education and expertise is imperative, and to improving students’ hands-on and practical ability in search media marketing.

Another large area of concern is to improve the quality of teaching and tackle important reform initiatives to address the new online chalenges facing students in the 21st Century. High school graduation examinations and nationally recognized graduate level exams implemented through provincial cultural lessons are credited towards course credits.

The checking and evaluating of the quality of teaching online media and measuring high school graduates ability to adapt to new IT technologies to learn important innovative SEO perspectives by means of a basic prescribed syllabus, and to strengthen the management of school education are an important measure of our education outcomes.



  • Changes in the Class Schedule From 2015, all modules of SEO & Social Media learning will be available through the online campus so as to facilitate “Learn At Home” practices.
  • Country Tour Details In 2015, all students will be expected to attend at least one online teaching module to enrich their understanding of multi vocational issues and social dynamics offered in the digital economy.
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Training New course for 2015 – starting Semester Two – learn how to market in the emerging digital economy. Subjects covered include SEO & SEM marketing and digital content marketing through Social Media.


  • Homework Tasks for February 04, 2015 Learning outcomes for digital marketing will be measured by mid semester examinations based on all homework assignments from the third semester 2014.
  • Homework Task for June 30, 2015 Learning outcomes will be measured by mid semester examinations based on all homework assignments from the first semester 2015.
  • OH&S Training Task for July 2015 – To be announced

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