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SEO Training Classes London – Weekly SEO Training Call 07794 098762
SEO Training Classes London – Weekly SEO Training
The goal of this advert is to assess demand for doing group training which will cover creating optimised websites using wordpress, on page and off page SEO. Video marketing, Social media marketing and affiliate marketing as well as selling services to businesses.
The classes would run every week and there WILL be homework!
I have very good search engine rankings against my SEO competitors but i want to teach that SEO is only one part of the equation of making money online. Conversions and traffic is not always dependent on just SEO and i am looking for students who are serious and want to get fast tracked to making money online.
My classes are not the cheapest but they are going to be high quality and you will have access to me directly rather than buying some fluff training course on the internet that is often over hyped.
Prices start at £50 per week. I need a minimum of 12 people to start the course and cover the rent of a room.
You will need to have a laptop, a good attitude, willingness to work hard and you will need some extra money to pay for outsourcing services too in order to move fast along the way to making money. At least £100 a month should be spent on outsourcing.
I will teach you where to get outsource work done for a few dollars that the professionals use and will tell you exactly what to do and when.
This will be team training and a team effort is needed too.
This is a 12 week course. If you sign up then you will be signing up for the full 12 weeks and will be required to have a recurring billing agreement with paypal or direct debit.
After this course is finished you will have enough skills and knowledge to go and make money online or with offline businesses. You will also have the opportunity to partner with me in creating products that will be put for sale on clickbank and sold by other affiliates on our behalf.
Serious people only!
If you would find paying £50 per week over 6 weeks plus at least £100 per month on outsourcing a strain on finances then i suggest that this course is not for you at this time.
I am teaching you how to set up an internet business and as any business it takes investment.
What to do now…
Send me an email through the contact form. Include a cover letter why you think this would be suitable for you and why you want to do this.
I will have a tight screening process as i dont want you to waste time and money and i want students who are ready to achieve a good steady internet lifestyle but who are also realistic that it is stepping stones, and there is no such thing as instant riches.
It takes time to build up and once you have the blueprint it needs to be repeated to gain further income.
Please include a telephone number for me to contact you.
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